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WELCOME fellow puzzle solvers.

This site is for those who are searching on the web for their parish ancestors. The majority of Family Historians like a little help particularly when its free. See how to find the parish, the family and the data.
The search for the parish (or the adjacent one where your ancestor may have wandered) is easy using PARLOC.

Hugh Wallis in 2002, with his LDS. batch file site, made the obtaining of IGI records much easier from the comfort of your home, library or Internet cafe.

My contribution is

Click to ‘What you get’ for samples, ‘Useful links’ for collecting EazyRead and other URLs.
It is probably better to save/print all (8) pages and digest them off-line. Pages 1 to 3 contain the essentials 5 to 8 are extras which you may pic’n’mix to suit.

Another source of LDS. files is Vital Records Index, British Isles. Version 2 will output ged files which EazyRead can convert into text.

EazyRead reads a Marriage or Christening gedcom file and writes a corresponding text file. The text file has one family event per line of text, it comprises the output from the original file and has the original filename with txt as the extension.
A Christening file will show the source file and each event ie. Names of child, date, place and parent(s) and may indicate Birth and Death dates.
A Marriage file will show the source file and each event ie. Partners names, date and place and may indicate a Parent.

These text files may be sorted into families ( see ‘What you get’ and ‘Sorting’).

The original ged file is left unchanged and may be deleted.

Remember EazyRead is only an aid based on somebody’s interpretation of the image, made into an index and displayed (correctly I hope) for you to assess.

Check the original images in Parish Register and/or Bishops Transcripts.

What it does